Workshop: Building Intelligent Assistants & Chatbots

Host: William Meisel, PhD, CEO, TMA Associates

 Beacon Complex

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 | 1:00 – 4:15 pm

Speech recognition and natural language processing technology allows interacting with digital systems using human language in text or speech. A company can use the technology to improve customer service, not only in the call center, but through chatbots on web sites, apps on mobile phones, messaging services, home speakers, through the major personal assistants, and more. The technology can also make employees more effective within organizations in tasks such as using enterprise software or on-the-job training. This workshop discusses tools available to help develop conversational solutions and practices that make those solutions effective.

1:15 pm Digital Assistants: The Power of Conversation

Meisel_WilliamWilliam Meisel, PhD, CEO, TMA Associates

2:05 You Had me at "Hello": Using AI to Deliver the True Omnichannel Promise of Personalization, Persistence, and Context in Customer Care  


McKenna_MaryMary McKenna, Director of Product Management, Interactions

Tiwari_PriyankaPriyanka Tiwari, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Interactions

2:30 How to Build Happy Bots in Difficult Environments

Adams_JeffJeff Adams, CEO, Cobalt Speech & Language

It's hard enough to get your bot to perform well, and keep your customers happy, when conditions are ideal.  But getting your spoken language interface to perform well when conditions are less than ideal can be a special challenge.  This talk will address the challenges of dealing with noisy environments, informal speech, accented speakers, and other common issues bot builders face, and we will present strategies for dealing with those conditions.

3:15 The Roadmap: What's Available and How to Use It

Meisel_WilliamWilliam Meisel, PhD, CEO, TMA Associates

Directly 3:55 Expert-in-the-Loop Machine Learning: A New Approach to a Better Customer Experience

Brydon_AntonyAntony Brydon, CEO, Directly