AI Technology Solutions Theater

Tuesday and Wednesday December 4-5, 2018

Hear from leading solution providers on machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and other intelligent automation applications. Attend talks over two days specifically designed to optimize your existing business processes and address the need to scale automation and analytics across the enterprise.

Current participants include: Accenture, ClearPath Robotics, Dataiku, DataRobot, DDN Storage, Dell, diwo, Expert System, HPE, IBM Aspera, NetApp, Nuance Communications, Origenis, Splunk, UIpath, WorkFusion


Tuesday, december 4, 2018

DellEMC1:00 pm The Next Era of Services: Achieving Personalized Insights with Deep Learning

Michael Shepherd, Lead AI Research Technologist, Dell EMC Support and Deployment Services, ISG, Dell EMC

In nearly 69% of use cases, McKinsey stated the greatest potential for AI was in deep learning.  As Data Scientists in SDS migrate and deploy DL into their inferencing platforms, this shift has provided higher accuracy, driven better customer experiences and reduced cost.


NuanceLogo_Horz_k1:30 Improved Security with Integrated Authentication and Fraud Prevention Technology 

Mia Puzo, Security SME Manager Security Product Management, Nuance Communications, Inc.  

With password-based systems under near-constant attacks by hackers, Nuance saves organizations millions of dollars while keeping customers happy and their accounts safe. ConversationPrint™ can identify fraudulent activity in real-time, based on a choice of words and patterns of speech or writing during an interaction with a human or a VA.

DataRobot-SSP2:00 AI for Executives

Jonathan Dahlberg, Data Scientist, DataRobot 

Recognizing the types of problems where AI can deliver value is critical for executives across industries. We'll discuss how to create an AI roadmap prioritized by ROI, populate it with appropriate use cases, and identify potential blockers that need to be removed prior to successful execution.

accenture2:30 Accenture Insights Platform – a Versatile, Scalable Technology Foundation for AI

Jai Malhotra, Managing Director, Applied Intelligence, Accenture 

Jai Malhotra, formerly CTO of Kogentix, Inc and now part of Accenture’s Applied Intelligence practice will provide an introduction to the Accenture Insights Platform, a cloud-based platform offering which rapidly enables analytics environments and provides a powerful tool set in a comprehensive data integration platform. The platform can allow data scientists to define predictive analytic models, apply them on defined data sets, and process the outcome without being bothered by the underlying infrastructure setup, security, and management. Custom built or off the shelf applications can be added on top of the platform to enhance insight into data.

UiPath-SSP3:00 RPA - the path to AI

Prabhdeep Singh, MSc, Vice President, Product Management- Artificial Intelligence, Product Management, UiPath


WorkFusion_NEW_large3:30 Digital Operations: Scaling Automation with AI-driven RPA 

James Welden, Senior Vice President, Strategic Sales, WorkFusion


splunk-3004:00 Operationalizing Machine Learning: Solving IT, Security & Business Problems with Machine Learning 

Manish Sainani, Director - Product Management, Splunk 
Andrew Stein, Principal Product Manager, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, Splunk 

In session, we will walk through how you can get real value from artificial intelligence and machine learning. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how ML can help improve your decision making, forecast or predict KPIs, alert on deviation and uncover hidden trends or relationships. 

DDN-Storage4:30 Architecting AI-Ready Infrastructure

Kurt Kuckein, Senior Director, Marketing, DDN Storage 

Businesses are presented a serious challenge when developing new expertise and transforming themselves through AI and Deep Learning. The new AI datacenter must be optimized to transform and feed data through hyper-intensive analytics workflows to achieve maximum value. Come learn about considerations during selection and deployment of optimized AI infrastructure.

HPElogo5:00 Transforming your Business DNA with AI!

Manoj Suvarna, HPC & AI Category Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

According to a recent McKinsey report, nearly 40% of all digital initiatives and almost a 100% of all IoT activities will be AI enabled by 2019. Come join HPE in this session to learn about the do’s & don’ts of implementing AI across the enterprise.


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

data-iku11:30 am Scaling the Data Science Mountain

Grant Case, Analytics Architect, Dataiku

As organizations become more mature in their use of data science, the need to increase both the number and complexity of data science projects also increases. In this talk, will discuss how organizations can scale their tools, methods, and people in order to meet these growing needs. 

expert-systems12:00 pm Context is King: Outsmart Business Challenges Using Artificial Intelligence 

Daniel Mayer, CMO and SVP Product Marketing, Expert System Enterprise

Deploying Cogito as an Infrastructure leverages the combined benefits of cognitive computing, natural language understanding, text analysis and machine learning to deliver a new level of smart solutions across the enterprise. We will explain the concepts behind an AI driven cognitive computing platform and benefits.

12:30 Three Steps to Applying Machine Learning to Self-Driving Vehicles

Ryan Gariepy, CTO, OTTO Motors 

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have unlocked new capabilities and potential for autonomous self-driving vehicles. However, bringing these vehicles outside of the lab into the real world requires careful consideration of safety and reliability. Ryan Gariepy of Clearpath Robotics & OTTO Motors will not only tell you why starting by putting self-driving vehicles on the road as a first step isn't a good idea, he will also tell you how his team is able to take advantage of state of the art research without compromising safety. 

1:00 How to Dramatically Improve Data Transfer Performance for AI Applications

Joseph Hansen, Technical Sales & Delivery Executive, IBM Hybrid Cloud, Aspera, an IBM Company

Data is the fuel of AI. An enormous amount must be captured, stored and analyzed before it’s turned into actionable insights. To make it possible, AI applications must quickly transfer data over IP networks. Learn how advances in transfer technology have enabled new, innovative AI applications that run in near-real time.

Diwo1:30 So What Do I Do with This New Insight?  ...Ask diwo- a Cognitive Decision-Making Platform

Krishna Kallakuri, President, Founder, diwo 

84% of today’s marketers invest in machine learning solutions but still must make decisions based on the insights generated. diwo empowers confident action by providing pre-packaged, quantified decisions, based on continuous background analysis of your specific business context. A brief demonstration of diwo’s cognitive decision-making platform solving unique business problems.

netapp2:00 Edge to Core to Cloud Architecture for AI

Dave Arnette, Senior Solution Architect, NetApp

This presentation describes key considerations for the development of Deep Learning environments, and the NetApp solutions that enable seamless data management and deployment options across edge environments, on-premises data centers, and the cloud.

Origenis2:30 Origenis AI Platform for New Chemical Entity Drugs

Michael Thormann, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Origenis

Origenis' AI Platform analyses patents and scientific literature to identify molecular and disease targets, to generalize chemical syntheses and to predict new chemical reactions, to explain and predict all properties tor a good drug, and to drive multiparametric optimization of novel, patentable compounds for novel and application targets and applications.