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Wednesday, October 23

7:30 am Registration Open

8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:55 AI World Executive Summit Kick Off – AI Becomes Real

Lundstrom_ScottScott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Government and Health Insights, IDC and AI World, Conference Co-Chair

IDC will provide an overview of growth in the global market for AI. Special attention will be focused on emerging, high growth opportunities by geography and industry. Regulatory hurdles and emerging standards will also be covered as we take the pulse of the global AI market.

9:10 Summit Keynote: Business Strategy with Artificial Intelligence

Ransbotham_SamSam Ransbotham, PhD, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

While humanoids and computer wizardry may capture imagination, how are businesses actually using AI to advance their business strategy?  As companies generate value with AI, a temptation is to develop a strategy for AI rather than a strategy with AI.  Research (based on a global survey and in-depth interviews) finds benefits from linking AI with digital initiatives as well as increased appreciation of both opportunity and risk across the enterprise. 

9:35 AI Executive to be Announced

10:00 Executive Roundtable: AI Drives Innovation in Enterprise Applications

AI is the single greatest disruptive force facing industry today. All aspects of business are changing as organizations move forward with AI-fueled digital transformation. Increasingly, customers expect that AI infused enterprise applications will drive continued improvements in value, quality, and engagement. Hear from business and technology leaders who are managing their enterprise’s AI innovation efforts in an in-depth discussion about strategic directions and lessons learned.

North_Rizza_MickeyModerator: Mickey North Rizza, Research Vice President, Enterprise Applications, IDC

Rashid_UzairSol Rashidi, Executive Vice President, Chief Data Officer, SONY

Castillo_DaveDavid Castillo, PhD, Managing Vice President of Machine Learning, Capital One

Bhattacharyya_MadhumitaMadhumita Bhattacharyya, Managing Director – Enterprise Data & Analytics, Protiviti 

10:30 Networking Break

10:50 Executive Roundtable: The Evolution of Conversational Assistants

Siri, Alexa, and other conversational assistants have become part of daily life for more and more people around the world. Companies like Kasisto are proving that people can handle their important business – like financial services – through powerful online conversation. But we are just at the beginning of this evolution.  Current AI research is creating virtual assistants that can harness some of the skills that humans use in both social and problem-solving conversation. Conversation is one of our favorite ways to interact, and AI-driven systems are starting to hold up their end of the conversation. 


Mark_WilliamPanelists: William Mark, PhD, President, SRI





Myers_KarenKaren Myers, Lab Director, SRI International’s AI Center

11:20 AI Executive to be Announced

11:40 How AI Maturity Impacts a Winning Corporate Strategy

Jyoti_RituRitu Jyoti, Program Vice President, IDC

A clear, well-defined corporate AI strategy is the differentiator between enterprises that will succeed and those that will struggle. In this session, learn some of the ways early adopters are addressing their AI maturity to take advantage of this disruptive technology.

12:05 pm Close of AI World Executive Summit

12:05 Enjoy Lunch on Your Own

1:15 – 4:10 Afternoon Seminars 

4:20 Plenary Keynote Panel: Learning from XPRIZE Startups to Achieve Successful AI Innovation

Krotman_DevinModerator: Devin Krotman, Director, Global Learning XPRIZE, XPRIZE Foundation

5:00 – 6:30 Grand Opening Reception in the Expo 

6:30 – 7:30 Meetup Groups 

7:30 Close of Day 1

Day 1, October 23  |  Day 2, October 24  |  Day 3, October 25

Thursday, October 24

8:00 am Continental Breakfast

8:20 Breakfast Keynote: Talk Title to be Announced

Alegion Executive

8:55 Conference Introduction

Weinman_EliotEliot Weinman, Founder & Conference Chair, AI World; Executive Editor, AI Trends

9:05 IDC Introductory Remarks

Lundstrom_ScottScott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Government and Health Insights, IDC and AI World, Conference Co-Chair 

9:15 Keynote: The Human Strategy

Pentland_Alex_SandyAlex Sandy Pentland, PhD, Professor, Engineering, Business, Media Lab, MIT    

Government and civic systems can potentially have great benefit from AI, but how are we going to make sure that AI serves everyone?   The trust data consortium at MIT builds systems for counties ranging from the EU to China to Senegal that provide greater transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in both government and private domains.   The key is handling data correctly, and providing the right sort of governance. 

9:45 Keynote: Uber’s Intelligent Insights Assistant

Bell_FranziskaFranziska Bell, PhD, Director, Data Science, Data Science Platforms, Uber 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have highly accurate forecasts, anomaly detection and intelligent exploratory data analysis at a touch-of-a-button? The Platform Data Science team at Uber builds scalable platforms and tools that are making this a reality, resulting in faster innovation cycles and more accurate insights. 

10:15 Keynote: Talk Title to be Announced

Charles Elkan, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 Keynote: AI at Work in Legal, News and Tax & Accounting

Al-Kofahi_KhalidKhalid Al-Kofahi, PhD, Vice President, Research and Development. Head - Center for AI and Cognitive Computing, Thomson Reuters

This talk focuses on the practical side of AI. Starting with an overview of some of the opportunities that for AI and ML in the legal, news, and tax & accounting industries, followed by an in-depth discussion of example case studies and ending with best practices and lesson learned from building dozens of AI-powered applications to quality and scale. 

11:25 AI Executive to be Announced

11:50 Networking and Dessert in the Expo

12:00 pm Luncheon Keynote: Case Studies of Conversational AI: Real Deployments at Scale 

Freeze_JimJim Freeze, Chief Marketing Officer, Interactions

Bauks_BenBen Bauks, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Constant Contact

Customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by next year (Walker Study).  Because of this, CX is at the heart of the AI adoption for most enterprises,  and they are embracing it as a key component of their digital transformation initiatives.  In particular, Conversational AI is enabling brands to deliver dramatically improved CX and customer engagement, while also providing significant and demonstrable operational savings. 

Join Interactions as we discuss how leading enterprises have accelerated their transition from today's frustrating and uninspired customer service transactions to productive, conversational experiences.  We’ll discuss several real use cases and you'll hear first hand how our Intelligent Virtual Assistant helped Constant Contact to reduce their rate of misroutes and lower average handle time per call, while creating a pleasant, streamlined process for their consumers. 

1:30 – 5:05 Afternoon Breakout Tracks 

5:35 – 6:35 Networking Reception in the Expo 

6:35 – 7:35 Meetup Groups 

7:35 Close of Day 2 

Day 1, October 23  |  Day 2, October 24  |  Day 3, October 25

Friday, October 25

8:00 am Continental Breakfast

8:55 Conference Introduction

Eliot Weinman, Founder & Conference Chair, AI World; Executive Editor, AI Trends 

9:00 Keynote: Enhancing Human Capability with Intelligent Machine Teammates

Shah_JulieJulie Shah, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT 

Every team has top performers -- people who excel at working in a team to find the right solutions in complex, difficult situations.  These top performers include nurses who run hospital floors, emergency response teams, air traffic controllers, and factory line supervisors. While they may outperform the most sophisticated optimization and scheduling algorithms, they cannot often tell us how they do it.  Similarly, even when a machine can do the job better than most of us, it can’t explain how. In this talk I share recent work investigating effective ways to blend the unique decision-making strengths of humans and machines. I discuss the development of computational models that enable machines to efficiently infer the mental state of human teammates and thereby collaborate with people in richer, more flexible ways.  Our studies demonstrate statistically significant improvements in people’s performance on military, healthcare and manufacturing tasks, when aided by intelligent machine teammates.

9:30 Keynote: Democracy, Ethics and the Rule of Law in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Nemitz_Paul2Paul F. Nemitz, Principal Advisor in the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission 

10:00 AI Executive to be Announced

10:30 Start-up Awards Announcement

10:35 Coffee Break in the Expo Hall

10:50 Executive Roundtable: Enterprise AI Innovations

Technology strategy is directly tied to the mission and values of the enterprise. Successful companies are implementing AI solutions to address changing market environments, new competitive landscapes, andkindle the creative potential of their workforce. In this roundtable discussion, technology leaders from innovative companies share how their organizations are embracing AI technologies, removing barriers, and preparing employees for the future of work. The panel will explore the use of AI automation, and its roles in transforming organizations and fostering a culture of innovation in the enterprise. 

Patience_NickModerator: Nick Patience, Founder & Research Vice President, Software, 451 Research

Seseri_RudinaPanelists: Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner, Glasswing Venture 

Monfort_Norbertv2Norbert Monfort, Vice President, IT Transformation and Innovation, Assurant Global Technology 

11:30 Keynote: How AI is Helping to Improve Canadian Lives Through AML

Gossain_VishalVishal Gossain, Vice President, Global Risk Management, ScotiaBank 

  • Intro to AI and ML,  and it's broad users
  • Spotlight1: How AI is  being used by Canadian FIs
  • Spotlight2: How AI is used for countering financial crimes (AML and Fraud)
  • How Canada is designing an immigration system, diverse workforce and AI ecosystem to be the best in the world destination for AI workers
  • AI regulators, challenges and opportunities

12:10 pm Luncheon Keynote: How AI/ML is Changing the Face of Enterprise IT

Josh Simons, Senior Director & Chief Technologist, High Performance Computing, Office of the CTO, VMWare

ML/AI is transforming the IT world. As workloads, AI/ML requires new infrastrucure capabilities previously only seen in HPC. And as techniques, it powers the vision of a self-driving data center in which ML-powered IT components combine to deliver next generation IT capabilities. We will discuss both facets of this transformation.

12:45 – 1:45 Networking and Dessert in the Expo – Last Chance for Viewing 

1:45 – 4:45 Afternoon Breakout Tracks

4:45 Close of AI World 2019