AI Startup Pavilion and Theater Presentations

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

AI technology and automation solutions are not the exclusive domain of large vendors and suppliers. See live demonstrations and meet new entrants developing products, services, processes and platforms to address growing enterprise market needs.


1:00 pm PANEL: AI: Follow the Money 

Ardire_SteveSteve Ardire, AI Startup Advisor & ‘Merchant of Light’ 

Basu_UpalUpal Basu, Partner, NGP Capital

Gelfenbeyn_IlyaIlya Gelfenbeyn, Head of Google Assistant Investments, Google

Bannister_JanetJanet Bannister, Partner, Real Ventures

Resolute-Innovation1:40 Using Neural Embeddings To Leverage Data 

Doherty_MattMatt Doherty, Founder and CTO, RESOLUTE.AI

Neural embeddings can enhance your company's ability to leverage disparate internal and external data sets. In this talk we discuss the advances and current challenges of neural embeddings in information retrieval, data connections and analytics applications.

Lucd_logo 2:05 Lucd Enterprise AI- Turn Your Data into Enterprise AI Outcomes 

Blattner_RussellRussell Blattner, CEO and Co-Founder, Lucd

Learn how your organization can create positive outcomes from your company data to improve business processes. Organizations have more data than ever before at their disposal. There has never been a better opportunity to capture the value of data.  With Lucd Enterprise AI your organization can realize its DREAMS. 

2:30 HR2 (Human Resources to Robots): Job and Role Displacement in the Era of AI & Robotics

Julie Hubert, MBA, President and Co-Founder, Workland

The HR industry is undergoing massive change and transformations in relation to technology.  Experts predict a total takeover of HR by « terminator-like » A.I & robotics and the occurrence of massive job displacement over the next decade.  Welcome to the future of the HR, recruitment, job search and work!

Speciate-AI 3:00 Are You There Product?  It's me A.I.!

Blase_PaulPaul Blase, MBA, CEO, Speciate AI

Find out four steps all companies should consider to super-charge their product development decision tempo with artificial intelligence.

AntWorks 3:30 Talk Title to be Announced

Bill Schrank, Senior Vice President, Sales, AntWorks


Aventior4:00 Aventior Presentation

Speaker to be announced


Dynamicly4:30 Building Intelligent Websites & Apps: Leveraging AI in Next-Generation Virtual Assistants

Barry Bedell, PhD, CEO, Dynamicly Inc.

Dynamicly will present its Dynamic Audio-Visual Experience (DAVE™) technology, an advance in conversational/voice interface design towards user-friendly, data-driven, “intelligent” web experiences.  Showcased examples will demonstrate how this technology sets the stage for a new way of interacting with the web and adds value across industries, from healthcare to retail.


BRAGI5:00 Bragi Presentation

Speaker to be announced



wednesday, December 5, 2018

11:30 am XPRIZE Team Talk

12:20 pm Panel: AI Healthcare Startup Lightning Round

Moderator: Matt Gross, Founder and President, Mobile Monday Boston

Join us for a lightning round of pitches from Boston AI healthcare startups, judged by local experts from the investment and medical fields! Each startup will have a few minutes to share the challenges they're solving and how artificial intelligence will help them get there. Come learn about cutting edge technologies and innovations and meet key movers and shakers in the Boston area.

This event is hosted by Healthtech Boston, a new chapter of Mobile Monday Boston. This group brings together technology experts and medical professionals who are passionate about healthcare. For more information, visit

1:20 MIT CSAIL: The Future of AI Student Presentations

Speakers to be announced

2:30 Sponsorship Available

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