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AI World 2018 Program To Be Announced Shortly








About the AI World Conference Program

AI World Conference and Expo is focused on the state of the practice of artificial intelligence in the enterprise. The 3-day conference and expo are designed for business and technology executives who want to learn about innovative implementations of AI in the enterprise.

Enterprise organizations face conflicting priorities. Where do they turn to cut through the hype and determine how to prioritize AI strategies and technologies for their business? AI World is organized around this singular goal, enabling business leaders to learn how to use AI to:

  • Build a competitive advantage,
  • Drive new business models and opportunities,
  • Reduce operational costs,
  • Accelerate your innovation efforts.

Pre-conference workshops

AI Executive Summit: Is your business ready for AI technologies? How will AI impact my employees, customers and partners? These big questions and many more are on the minds of business leaders, CMOs, CIOs and CEOs. The AI Executive Summit provides a simple framework for enterprises to identify business opportunities today and gain perspective from peers that have already embarked on their AI journey.

AI in Healthcare Summit: Within the next few years, AI will revolutionize every area of our life, including medicine. Artificial intelligence will redesign the fields of life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. Artificial intelligence could help medical professionals in designing treatment plans and finding the best suited methods for each patient, for example. The AI in Healthcare Summit harnesses these ideals to clear the way for solving many of healthcare’s largest challenges.

Intelligent Assistants & Bots Workshop & Demos: Learn the reality of developing natural-language digital assistants. Get informed about the resources available to help you build the right application. Identify insights into the trade-offs in varying approaches to Bot development. Hear from leading Bot software developers.

Enterprise Machine Learning & Deep Learning Seminar: Learn about your AI options, who are the players, and what are the key technologies. Hear from world-class machine learning experts who are developing innovative enterprise applications today.

The AI World Conference Program includes:

  • Insightful Keynote Speakers
  • Practitioners: Lessons learned and best practices from both solution providers and enterprise AI leaders deliver critical insight based on their experiences planning, deploying, and iterating with machine learning in the workplace.
  • First-mover Industries: Perspective from within the trenches on AI technology opportunities for vertical markets from FinTech to Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and more. Identify which industries have the early-mover advantage and what are the key indicators for AI market preparedness.
  • Visionaries: Investigate the future of enterprise AI with industry researchers, analysts, and business leaders. Prepare your organization for innovation and new business models.

Thought-leading Conference Tracks

  • Implementing Enterprise AI: Artificial intelligence applications impact all business functions from HR and finance to R&D and sales. Real enterprise practitioners speak about methodologies and approaches to integrating machine learning into the line of business functions. What works and what doesn’t?
  • From Big Data to AI: With data in-hand, machine learning aides in everything from cleaning datasets to managing multiple data sources to synthesizing data. With the help of machine learning, data can now be monetized.
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Real-time IoT: Reviewing data from thousands or millions of IoT sensors in real-time is beyond the capability of humans. Smart buildings, energy markets, and factories are all examples where AI is required in the deployment and operation of IoT applications. The addition of intelligence and processing on small devices at the network edge also raises questions about IoT security.
  • Cognitive Robotics: At the intersection of robotics and cognitive science, cognitive robotics is about doing robotics that deals with cognitive phenomena such as perception, attention, anticipation, planning, memory, learning, and reasoning. Hear how AI is influencing this emerging category.
  • Cognitive Computing: Cognitive computing systems redefine the nature of the relationship between people and their increasingly pervasive digital environment. Who will build these new AI-on-board applications? And with the proliferation of AI technologies in the workplace, foresight must be used to understand its implications for productivity, jobs, skills and employee development, but also issues related to ethics, safety and responsibility.
  • Next-Generation Emerging Technology: The state of the art in AI technologies is spoken here. From the development of neuromorphic chipsets to democratizing deep learning toolsets, and from the next wave of machine vision, emotion, gestures, NLP, cybersecurity and new algorithms that will be discussed by the industry’s best and brightest.
  • Startups and Investments: Where did investors places their AI bets in 2018 and what scenarios are likely for 2019? Participate in lightning sessions where startups fast-pitch their AI business ideas before a live audience.
  • The State of AI Research: Hear from university researchers, including MIT CSAIL, how AI is being used in the labs and the promising programs that will become commercialized in the future.
  • The Future of Enterprise AI: There are no shortage of opinions on the potential for AI technologies in business. However, the current round of solutions is often viewed as expensive, proprietary, and complex to deploy and manage. When will AI solutions scale industry-wide? Is it possible to measure ROI for automation? How does AI rank against other corporate initiatives?
  • The Intersection of AI and Blockchain
  • and more to be announced!