artificial intelligence and cybersecurity seminar

AI is being used today to improve the ability of organizations to defend themselves. It is also being used by adversaries seeking advantage. The age-old game of attack vs defense continues. But something is different now. Organizations are finding that their AI solutions need special protections. AI needs to be developed in the most secure manner possible. Adversaries who can access training data can manipulate it to drive outcomes of machine learning. Algorithms themselves must also be protected. Many AI solutions have been shown to be biased and/or bigoted. And in some cases, the solutions will generate results that are unexplainable, making security and compliance even more complicated.

Wednesday, October 23

Beacon Hill 

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8:00 Continental Breakfast (Harborview Foyer)

9:00 – 12:00 pm AI World Executive Summit

12:00 Enjoy Lunch on Your Own

1:15 Opening Remarks: When AI Goes Wrong

Bob_GourleyBob Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO, OODA LLC

1:25 Panel: The Future Adversaries: An Interactive Red Teaming Exercise

Noted experts in cybersecurity and intelligence will provide realistic scenarios that can introduce risk to enterprises leveraging today’s AI and machine learning capabilities. Using red-teaming mindsets to think through likely attacks, panelists will present scenarios for audience voting on which is the most realistic, which is most likely, and which would be potentially most catastrophic to a business. By the end of this interactive session participants will have a list of top scenarios to avoid in AI deployments.

Bob_GourleyModerator: Bob Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO, OODA LLC

Bobbie StempfleyBobbie Stempfley, CERT Division, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Devost_MattMatt Devost, CEO & Co-Founder, OODA LLC

2:00 Scoping the AI Threat to National Security 

Breuer_PabloPablo Breuer, Director of US Special Operations Command Donovan Group and Senior Military Advisor and Innovation Officer, SOFWERX 

One of the nation’s strategic thinkers in national security in the Information Age will provide insights of use to the broader AI community.  

2:15 AI Based Solutions for Finance/FinTech/Counter-Fraud

Dhala_AmynAmyn Dhala, Vice President - Global Head of Product, AI Express, Mastercard 

This session provides insights from a practitioner who has leveraged AI to create solutions in financial services covering fraud, credit risk and customer lifecycle management. 


2:35 Refreshment Break (Cityview Foyer & Harbor Level Atrium)

2:55 Panel: Due Diligence on AI Companies

The venture capital community continuously seeks new businesses and entrepreneurs to support. Private equity continuously seeks firms to invest in or buy. In both cases, experts are increasingly encountering AI solutions that can be hard to assess. This session provides expert advice from professionals with direct experience in value creation and assessment in technology firms. Our selected panelists have exceptionally deep experience in cybersecurity firms and have been tracking the rise of AI for years, making them well positioned to advise both companies and investors on ways to maximize value. Attendees will learn first-hand what to do now to better position an AI-centric business for future investment or a future sale. 

Bob_GourleyModerator: Bob Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO, OODA LLC


JC Raby JC Raby, Co-founder and Partner, Boston Meridian Partners 

Lewis Kussmaul_MariaMaria Lewis Kussmaul, Founding Partner, Investment Banking, AGC Partners 



Kapil Raina, Chair and Founder, AI Security Alliance 

3:35 Technologies of AI Security

Bob_GourleyBob Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO, OODA LLC

The ethics, security, and compliance of enterprise AI is one of the hottest topics in AI today. Many enterprises are slowing deployment of AI solutions because of uncertainties around the ability to deploy AI. There are solutions; however, this is a fast moving, rapidly changing marketplace. This session provides a rapid review of what appears to be the most promising technologies in AI security, ethics, and compliance today.

4:10 Session Break

4:20 Plenary Keynote Panel (Harborview)

5:00 Grand Opening Reception in the Expo (Commonwealth Hall)

6:30 Attendee Roundtable Discussion & Meetup Groups

7:30 Close of Day