Day 2 | Tuesday, December 4, 2018


7:45 am Registration Open

8:20 - 12:00 AI World Plenary Sessions - View Details

Concurrent Afternoon Tracks

TRACK 1: Implementing Enterprise AI - View Details

Artificial intelligence applications impact all business functions from HR and finance to R&D and sales. Real enterprise practitioners speak about methodologies and approaches to integrating machine learning, deep learning and intelligent technologies into their line of business functions. Industry thought leadership is conveyed through use cases and innovative business strategies. What works and what doesn’t?

TRACK 2: Going from Big Data to AI - View Details

With data in-hand, machine learning aids in everything from cleaning datasets to managing multiple data sources to synthesizing data. With the help of machine learning, data can now be monetized. This track identifies key business strategies for data monetization and steps to be taken to maximize the impact of AI technology interaction with Big Data.

TRACK 3: AI & Real-Time IoT - View Details

Reviewing data from thousands or millions of IoT sensors in real-time is beyond the capability of humans. Smart buildings, energy markets, and factories are all examples where AI is required in the deployment and operation of IoT applications. The addition of intelligence and processing on small devices at the network edge also raises questions about IoT security.

This track which is hosted by OMG and the Industrial Internet Consortium features state of the practice and state of technology projects underway by the members of these associations that sit between the intersection of AI and real time IOT

TRACK 4: AI in Healthcare - View Details

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is predicted to save $150 billion annually for the US. As such, AI is being rapidly deployed in many areas of the healthcare landscape. This event will primarily focus on the Providers, attracting CIOs, CTOs, IT and Informatics Experts along with senior Physicians and Clinicians from the leading US hospitals who will share their experiences of using AI in the clinical care and hospital operations environment.

TRACK 5: AI in Pharma - View Details

Investment and the application of AI in the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly gaining momentum. We bring together CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and Global AI, IT and Informatics Experts from leading pharmaceutical and technology companies to give strategic and visionary talks based on use cases throughout the drug development pipeline.


5:10 - 5:30 Plenary Keynote Presentation - View Details

5:30 - 6:30 Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing