Day 2: Track Programs | December 4

Implementing Enterprise AI

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Artificial intelligence applications impact all business functions from HR and finance to R&D and sales. Real enterprise practitioners speak about methodologies and approaches to integrating machine learning, deep learning and intelligent technologies into their line of business functions. Industry thought leadership is conveyed through use cases and innovative business strategies. What works and what doesn’t?

Track Chairperson
John Desmond, Editor, AI Trends

1:45 AI as a Strategic Enterprise Capability

  • Brian Pearce, Sr. VP Enterprise AI, Wells Fargo
  • Krish Swamy, Senior Vice President Enterprise Analytics and Data Science, Wells Fargo

2:25 Panel: Leading Data Strategy and Culture in the Age of AI 
Moderator: Vishal Kumar, CEO, President, AnalyticsWEEK 
Panelists: Speakers TBD 

3:45 Safety and Artificial Intelligence – Certification and Testing
Francis Govers III, Autonomy Lead, Bell Helicopter

Going from Big Data to AI

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With data in-hand, machine learning aids in everything from cleaning datasets to managing multiple data sources to synthesizing data. With the help of machine learning, data can now be monetized. This track identifies key business strategies for data monetization and steps to be taken to maximize the impact of AI technology interaction with Big Data.

Track Chairperson
Judith Hurwitz, President and CEO, Hurwitz & Associates

1:45 Case Study: Big Data to AI at State Street
Armchair Interview with State Street
Randal C. Swanberg, Senior Vice President, State Street Technology Research Group

2:25 PANEL DISCUSSION: Monetizing Data via new Digital Business Models
Moderator: Shriram Ramanathan, PhD, Senior Analyst, Lux Research
Panelists: to be announced

3:45 PANEL DISCUSSION: Bringing Big Data Benefits to Small Data Operations
Moderator: Judith Hurwitz, President and CEO, Hurwitz & Associates
Panelists: Kashyap Kompella, CEO, RPA2ai and others to be announced

4:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: Enterprise Strategies for Real-Time Data Analysis
Moderator: Judith Hurwitz, President, Hurwitz & Associates
Panelists: Sanjeeva L Fernando, Vice President and Head of the OptumLabs Center for Applied Data Science (CADS), OptumLabs and others to be announced

AI and Real-Time IoT

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Reviewing data from thousands or millions of IoT sensors in real-time is beyond the capability of humans. Smart buildings, energy markets, and factories are all examples where AI is required in the deployment and operation of IoT applications. The addition of intelligence and processing on small devices at the network edge also raises questions about IoT security.

This track which is hosted by OMG and the Industrial Internet Consortium features state of the practice and state of technology projects underway by the members of these associations that sit between the intersection of AI and real time IOT

Track Chair
Said Tabet, Lead Technologist for IoT Strategy and OMG Board Member, DellEMC

1:45 PANEL DISCUSSION: Deep Learning for Smart Facilities
Moderator: Les Yeamans, Founder & Executive Editor, RTInsights
Panelists: execs from Toshiba, SAS and WiPro Bangalore

2:25 PANEL DISCUSSION: Provisioning Enterprise Connected Things with Trust and Intelligent Automation
Moderator: Said Tabet, Lead Technologist for IoT Strategy and OMG Board Member, DellEMC
Panelists: execs from Bosch, Volkswagen and Samsung

3:45 Executie FIRESIDE CHAT: AI as Strategic Enabler for the Automotive Sector
Moderator: Richard Soley, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Object Management Group (OMG)
Panelists: executives from Toyota Connected and Dell Technologies

4:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: Transforming the Manufacturing Industry
Moderator: Said Tabet, Lead Technologist for IoT Strategy and OMG Board Member, DellEMC
Panelists: executives from China Unicom, Xilinx and Wanxiang Group

AI in Healthcare

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Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is predicted to save $150 billion annually for the US. As such, AI is being rapidly deployed in many areas of the healthcare landscape. This event will primarily focus on the Providers, attracting CIOs, CTOs, IT and Informatics Experts along with senior Physicians and Clinicians from the leading US hospitals who will share their experiences of using AI in the clinical care and hospital operations environment.

Track Chair
Sandy Aronson, Executive Director of IT, Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine 

1:40 CO-PRESENTATION: Disruptive Innovations for Payer Decision Support: How Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Positive Change in Healthcare Delivery
Suzanne Belinson, PhD, MPH, Executive Director, Clinical Markets, Office of Clinical Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Jelani Akil McLean, EdD, MPA, Managing Director, Clinical Platforms, BlueCross BlueShield Association<

2:00 Integrating Algorithmic Generated Techniques into Clinical Care and Decision Making
Sandy Aronson, ALM, MA, Executive Director of IT, Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine

2:40 AI for Infection Detection and Prevention
Erica S. Shenoy, MD, PhD, Associate Chief, Infection Control Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

3:45 Examining the use of AI for Imaging in Clinical Care
Aalpen Patel, MD, Chairman, System Radiology at Geisinger Health System, Pennsylvania

4:05 Developing and Translating AI-Enabled Applications for Healthcare
Katherine Andriole, PhD, Director of Research Strategy and Operations, MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science; Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

4:25 INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: How are Organisations Leveraging AI to Drive Operational Intelligence?
Moderator: Adam Landman, MD, Vice President and CIO, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Panelists: Karim Botros, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, The MetroHealth System
James D. Murray, VP, Clinical Informatics and Interoperability, CVS Health
Mary Margaret Jacobs, Director of Patient/Family and Visitor Services, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

AI in Pharma

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Investment and the application of AI in the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly gaining momentum. We bring together CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and Global AI, IT and Informatics Experts from leading pharmaceutical and technology companies to give strategic and visionary talks based on use cases throughout the drug development pipeline.

Track Chair
Peter Henstock, AI & Machine Learning Lead, Pfizer

1:15 ProtaBank: AI and Machine Learning for Protein Engineering. Where's the Data?
Barry Olafson, PhD, CEO, Protabit LLC 

1:40 The Potential for Advanced Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Michael Ringel, PhD, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

2:00 CO-PRESENTATION: Artificial Intelligence Accelerants in Oncology Informatics
Tom Plasterer, PhD, US Cross-Science Director, R&D Information, AstraZeneca
Jonathan Dry, PhD, Director of Bioinformatics, Oncology, AstraZeneca

2:20 Why Is the Pharmaceutical Industry Finding AI so Difficult?
Peter Henstock, AI & Machine Learning Lead, Pfizer

2:40 Data Store: Making all Data Machine Learnable at NIBR
John R. Walker, Head of Core Data and Analytics, NIBR Informatics, Novartis

3:45 Integrating AI Workflows in Drug Discovery
John Baldoni, Senior Vice President, In silico Drug Discovery, GlaxoSmithKline

4:05 The Big Data Revolution: Can AI Shape Drug Discovery?
Litao Zhang, PhD, Vice President, Leads Discovery & Optimization, Disease Sciences & Biologics, BMS

4:25 INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: The Use of AI to Disrupt Drug Discovery: How to Reduce Time and Costs and Increase Throughput
Moderator: Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder, Insilico Medicine
Panelists: Mark Davies, Vice President Biomedical Informatics, Benevolent AI
Jim Brase, Chief Technical Officer & Interim Co-Lead, ATOM and Deputy Associate Director for Computation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Slava Akmaev, PhD, Senior VP & Chief Analytics Officer at BERG
Eric Neumann, CEO & Founder, Aidaka
Ed Addison, CEO, Cloud Pharmaceuticals