NEW at AI World Conference & Expo, the AI Data Science Hackathon will bring together innovative data scientists and developers from across the ecosystem to solve real-world data challenges in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning. Working in teams, participants will build and improve on pipelines, datasets, tools and other projects from fintech, insurance, healthcare, pharma, and more.

The AI World Data Science Hackathon is taking place October 23-25, 2019 in the AI World Exhibit Hall

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To join one of our teams and participate in the Hackathon, you need to pre-register! Please click here to sign up for your complimentary Expo Pass and RSVP for the Hackathon.  Observers will be welcome throughout the event, but pre-registered attendees will be able to participate.

2019 AI World Data Science Hackathon Projects

Learn more about our 2019 Projects

Strategic Planning Powered by AI in the Cloud

AI-Driven Strategy

We are proposing to use AI and ML to automate the strategic planning function that almost all organizations perform poorly, inaccurately, slowly, and with incomplete data. Our project will be located in the cloud, import large volumes of data, validate them, and draw conclusions from them - 24 hours a day every day of the year, giving every organization that uses it a sustainable competitive advantage.

Fractal Artificial Intelligence Model -Versatility, Speed, Efficiency

FAIM: the Fractal Artificial Intelligence Model

We will demonstrate the power of using a "Fractal Approach" to multiple different data sets. We will showcase that the strength of this particular model is in being able to quickly and efficiently compute large data sets that have space & time components. We will also show how the same model can be applied to multiple different data sets with little to no adjustments. We are open to working with other teams to run their data sets on the model to show comparison benchmarks. 


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