AI World Keynote Agenda


5:10 KEYNOTE: AI Trends & Driverless Self-Driving Cars: What’s Now, What’s Next
Lance B. Eliot, PhD, CEO, Techbrium, Inc., AI Trends Insider

Predicted to have a trillion-dollar economic impact and bring forth the "passenger economy," self-driving cars operating as true autonomous vehicles is the moonshot-like effort being undertaken by the auto makers and numerous tech firms. Here from one of the worlds’ foremost experts, Dr. Lance Eliot, AI Trends Insider, who has recently published more than 150 articles on self-driving cars and has recently authored his 11th book on the subject. For more info, click here.  

Dr. Eliot’s informative and invigorating session covers the gamut of AI areas including machine learning, natural language processing, vision system processing, edge computing, blockchain, IoT, expert systems, AI action planning, human computer interfaces, and other timely topics. You will discover the good, the bad, and the ugly about present day AI self-driving cars and predictions of where this field is heading.


9:00 KEYNOTE: Algorithmic Models of Investor Behavior
Andrew W. Lo, the Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor, Professor of Finance, Director of the Laboratory for Financial Engineering, MIT Sloan School of Management 

9:30 KEYNOTE: Getting on the Road to Artificial General Intelligence 
Lange_DannyDanny Lange, PhD, VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies 

Join this keynote session by AI visionary Danny Lange to discuss the role of intelligence in biological evolution and learning.  Mr. Lange will demonstrate why a game engine is the perfect virtual biodome for AI’s evolution. Attendees will recognize how the scale and speed of simulations is changing the game of AI while learning about new developments in reinforcement learning. They will also understand how this shift can be applied to their own organizations.

10:20 Grand Opening Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing

10:50 EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE: Challenges Facing AI Innovators
Frick_WalterModerator: Walt Frick, Sr Editor, Harvard Business Review


Norbert Monfort, VP IT Transformation & Innovation, Assurant

Robert-Bogucki-Robert Bogucki, CTO,

Tsvi-GalTsvi Gal, CTO Infrastructure, Morgan Stanley

11:30 EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE: Adoption & Integration of AI in Healthcare
Moderator: David Ledbetter, Lead Data Scientist, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Greiner_RussRuss Greiner, PhD, Professor, University of Alberta

Bleicher_PaulPaul Bleicher, CEO, OptumLabs

and others to be announced

Business and technology leaders from the healthcare sector assess how close AI has come to transforming the industry, predicting patient outcomes and impacting cost. This panel evaluates the adoption and integration of AI in Healthcare in addition to exploring the regulatory, technical, and patient data security challenges.



9:05 KEYNOTE: Exploiting AI to Drive Business Outcomes
Kutnick_DaleDale Kutnick, Senior Vice President, Emeritus, and Distinguished Analyst Gartner, Inc. 

AI is being over-marketed and sold as a solution to future (digital) business growth and profitability. Software and solution vendors are making extravagant claims about their products and services. But many CIOs and business leaders are struggling to nurture and exploit AI initiatives and Proofs of Concepts, and to integrate (and scale) them into their operations that will drive future business outcomes. This session will explore 5 year enterprise scenarios for AI-based software and services, offer current and future use cases, delineate some of the caveats and highlight the critical technologies and capability building blocks that will be required to succeed.  

10:00 EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE: Enterprise AI Innovation
Patience_NickModerator: Nick Patience, Co-Founder & CRO, 451 Research



Kurtoglu_TolgaTolga Kurtoglu, PhD, CEO, PARC

Grobman_SteveSteve Grobman, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), McAfee

Srinivasan_ShankarShankar Srinivasan, Head of Engineering, Adobe Cloud Platform, AI and ML, Adobe



11:00 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing

11:45 EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE: State of International AI Initiatives and their Impact on the Global 2000
Moderator: Anthony Scriffignano, PhD, SVP & Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet
Panelists: Executives from Canada, China, Europe to be announced