Track 1: AI in Industry

Panel: AI Impact on Retail and B2C Interactions

Salon G December 12, 2017 2:45 pm - 3:25 pm

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Judith Hurwitz
Jean-Pierre (JP) Abello
Jai Malhotra
Suhail Shergill

Moderator: Judith Hurwitz, CEO, Hurwitz Associates


– JP Abello, Sr Director, Global Engineering IoT Partnerships and Innovation, Nielsen

– Jai Malhotra, CTO, Kogentix

– Suhail Shergill, Director, Data Science and Model Innovation, Scotiabank

One of the most valuable applications of AI is the use of predictive algorithms to anticipate consumer needs and drive a closer relationship between organizations and the people they serve.  Analyzing online behavior has been a standard practice for years, but the emerging opportunity is to integrate transaction, location, behavioral, and demographic information in both the physical and virtual world to drive enhanced consumer interactions in real time. 

This panel will discuss how predictive analytics is changing the nature of businesses in diverse markets such as telecommunications, retail, consumer packaged goods, and financial services.  The panel will also address some of the key challenges organizations face in applying AI to their consumer engagement, including privacy, automation, skills and technology, and people/process. Attendees should leave the session with tangible ideas on how and where to move forward with consumer facing AI initiatives for their organization.