AI in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare Summit

December 11, 2017 1:00 pm - 4:45 pm

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David Ledbetter
Ravi Srivatsav
Claes Gustafsson
Judith Hurwitz

AI in Healthcare Summit

Monday, December 11, 2017 – 1:00-4:45pm

Chair: David Ledbetter, Data Scientist, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

AGENDA 1:00-1:25pm – State of AI in Medicine
Overview of the current impact of AI in healthcare. Examples of where AI has changed the way healthcare is delivered and challenges that still need to be solved.
1:30-2:05pm – Healthcare in the Trenches 
Perspectives from the boots on the ground. Learn about the problems encountered by clinical professionals. What are the pain points encountered every day and where are the opportunities to improve clinical practice and augment the healthcare professional.
2:10-2:45pm – Personalized Data
Personal sensors are generating increasing amounts of data outside traditional care facilities. The democratization of data generation is changing expectations about how data will be used. Hear about novel applications of AI in healthcare that take advantage of this emerging market of individualized data sets. Attendees will hear about new methods of quickly collecting and analyzing diverse sources of data, how AI is helping biomedical researchers in genomics, and enabling the creation of more efficacious pharmaceuticals.
2:45-3:15pm – Networking Break
3:15-3:55pm – Deep Learning in Healthcare
4:00-4:45pm – Healthcare Startups 
See some of the most exciting new companies demonstrate new capabilities to solve some of healthcare’s toughest problems. Hear insights from VC’s about novel technologies and how to break into the market.