Track 4: Deploying AI in the Enterprise

Make AI Work for Your Industry

Salon G December 13, 2017 1:35 pm - 2:15 pm

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Manoj Saxena
Scott Teeple
Ganesh Padmanabhan
Chris Belmont

Moderator: Ganesh Padmanabhan, VP of Market Development, CognitiveScale


– Manoj Saxena, Executive Chairman, CognitiveScale

– Chris Belmont, Healthcare Leader and Retired CIO

– Scott Teeple, Chief Technology Officer, Agilify, Powered by Ascension

The session will be a panel discussion about AI in the Enterprise, and will be hosted Ganesh Padmanabhan, CognitiveScale’s VP of Market Development. Panelists will include Manoj Saxena, Executive Charmain of CognitiveScale; Akshaya Bhargava, former CEO of Barclays; and Scott Teeple, Chief Technology Officer, Agilify, Powered by Ascension. This panel will provide a deeper look at how and why enterprise organizations like Ascension and Barclays use AI as a strategic capability. We will also talk about lessons learned, and how to make sure AI doesn’t become a science project for a business. We’ll also take it further to talk about how to evaluate use cases and business KPI to determine strategic AI opportunities within organizations.