Track 3: Conversational Interfaces/NLP

Panel: Technology Options in Speech Recognition and NL Understanding

Salon A December 12, 2017 2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

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Dr. William Meisel
Zachary Jones
Walter Bachtiger
Devang Sachdev

Moderator: William Meisel, President, TMA Associates


– Zachary Jones, Director of Engineering, BankTracker

– Walter Bachtiger, CEO & Founder, VoiceBase

– Devang Sachdev, Director of Solutions, Twilio

The technologies of speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding have passed a “tipping point” of performance—they work and are cost-effective. Developers can use the technologies as software running locally or as cloud-based services, tuning the technology to be more accurate in their context. This session provides examples of available technologies and how they can be used effectively.