Track 2: AI: State of the Technology

Panel: AI, Machine Learning and Real-time IoT

Salon H-I December 12, 2017 2:45 pm - 3:25 pm

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Les Yeamans
David Maher
Michael Alperin
Said Tabet

Panel: AI, Machine Learning and Real-time IoT

Moderator: Les Yeamans, Executive Editor, RTInsights


– Michael Alperin, Industry Consultant, Data Science Team, Tibco

– David Maher, EVP and CTO, Intertrust Technologies

– Said Tabet, Technology Lead IoT and Artificial Intelligence Strategy Senior Technologist, Corporate Office of the CTO, Dell EMC

Abstract: Much of the business value in IoT applications is generated by real-time or near-real-time analysis, decision and action on high volumes of sensor data streaming in at lightning fast data rates. One of the more transformational capabilities of AI in these real-time IoT applications is the use of machine learning to detect new patterns and automate decisions, providing a faster, better result than could ever be made by a human or even a static model.

By attending this panel, attendees will learn:

  • Some of the most successful use cases deploying machine learning with real-time IoT in energy, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing
  • How AI & machine learning add value above and beyond more conventional predictive models
  • Key challenges and tradeoffs customers face when deploying machine learning in real-time IoT solutions