Executive Panel

State of the Technology: Making Robots Intelligent, Cognitive and Aware

Salon G December 13, 2017 11:35 am - 12:00 pm

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Rudina Seseri
Colin Angle
Cynthia Breazeal

Moderator: Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures,


– Colin Angle, CEO, iRobot

– Cynthia Breazeal, Founder & Chief Scientist, Jibo

This session will explore the impact of advances in AI technologies like voice recognition and computer vision on consumer robotics, the evolution of the Robotics industry and how it is geared-up for wide-scale adoption and the challenges it still faces.  We will also discuss the appropriate strategy to enable AI in Robotics, between focusing on vertical specific products that apply to certain use-cases or building platforms such as the intelligent speech enabled speakers with multiple integrated skills.

No discussion on AI is complete without the pivotal topic – Data. The panel will also explore matters such as the ownership of this data, the impact on consumer privacy if robots are collecting data in each and every home and with the indicators of concentration of data with a select few organizations, the likelihood that it will end up creating a clear monopoly/oligopoly in the near future.