Implementing Enterprise AI

December 4, 2018

Artificial intelligence applications impact all business functions from HR and finance to R&D and sales. Real enterprise practitioners speak about methodologies and approaches to integrating machine learning, deep learning and intelligent technologies into their line of business functions. Industry thought leadership is conveyed through use cases and innovative business strategies. What works and what doesn’t?

Track Chairperson
John Desmond, Editor, AI Trends

AI as a Strategic Enterprise Capability
Brian Pearce, Senior Vice President Enterprise AI, Wells Fargo
Krish Swamy, Senior Vice President Enterprise Analytics and Data Science, Wells Fargo

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Chicken Sandwiches
Kesha Williams, Machine Learning Developer, Chick-Fil-A

Safety and Artificial Intelligence – Certification and Testing
Francis Govers III, Autonomy Lead, Bell Helicopter