AI and Real-Time IoT

December 4, 2018

Reviewing data from thousands or millions of IoT sensors in real-time is beyond the capability of humans. Smart buildings, energy markets, and factories are all examples where AI is required in the deployment and operation of IoT applications. The addition of intelligence and processing on small devices at the network edge also raises questions about IoT security.

Track Chairperson
Said Tabet, Lead Technologist for IoT Strategy and OMG Board Member, DellEMC

PANEL DISCUSSION: Deep Learning for Smart Facilities
Moderator: Les Yeamens, Founder & Executive Editor, RTInsights

PANEL DISCUSSION: Provisioning Enterprise Connected Things with Trust and Intelligent Automation

FIRESIDE CHAT: AI as Strategic Enabler for the Automotive Sector
Moderator: Richard Soley, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Object Management Group (OMG)