Day 3 | Wednesday, December 5, 2018


7:30 - 8:45 am Using AI to Grow Professional Communities

Flagship Meeting Room

Moderator: Yu-Feng Wei, Vizuro LLC

(Invitation Only - Peer Networking Breakfast)

  • Leveraging AI to improve communities and participant engagement
  • Building trust and facilitating transactions through AI
  • Viral member acquisition
  • Precision communication, marketing and matchmaking

If interesting please inquire with Yu-Feng Wei,

8:00 Registration Open

8:20 - 12:45 AI World Plenary Sessions - View Details

Concurrent Afternoon Tracks

TRACK 6: AI in Healthcare - View Details

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is predicted to save $150 billion annually for the US. As such, AI is being rapidly deployed in many areas of the healthcare landscape. This event will primarily focus on the Providers, attracting CIOs, CTOs, IT and Informatics Experts along with senior Physicians and Clinicians from the leading US hospitals who will share their experiences of using AI in the clinical care and hospital operations environment.

TRACK 7: AI in Pharma - View Details

Investment and the application of AI in the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly gaining momentum. We bring together CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and Global AI, IT and Informatics Experts from leading pharmaceutical and technology companies to give strategic and visionary talks based on use cases throughout the drug development pipeline.

TRACK 8: Emerging Technologies and the Future of AI - View Details

There is no shortage of opinions on the potential for AI technologies in business. However, the current round of solutions is often viewed as expensive, proprietary, and complex to deploy and manage. When will AI solutions scale industry-wide? Is it possible to measure ROI for automation? How does AI rank against other corporate initiatives? The state of AI technology and its future is spoken here. From the development of neuromorphic chipsets to democratizing deep learning toolsets and from the next wave of machine vision, emotion, gestures, NLG, new algorithms, HPC and quantum computing will all be shared by the industry’s best and brightest.

TRACK 9: Cognitive Computing - View Details

Cognitive computing systems redefine the nature of the relationship between people and their increasingly pervasive digital environment. Who will build these new AI-on-board applications? And with the proliferation of AI technologies in the workplace, foresight must be used to understand its implications for productivity, jobs, skills and employee development, but also issues related to ethics, safety and responsibility.

TRACK 10: Strategic Business Functions and AI - View Details

Enterprise organizations have a range of core business operations able to utilize AI technologies, however, this one-size-fits-all functionality can be a non-starter for some industries. Whether due to regulation, government oversight compliance, or unique requirements, these vertical markets may appear to be laggard adopters. Hear how these companies can innovate using intelligent solutions for sales, marketing, finance, engineering, HR, customer service, change management, corporate governance, and more.