Executive Advisory Board

Executive Advisory Board

JP (Jean-Pierre) Abello

JP (Jean-Pierre) Abello
Director, Global Engineering R&D, Nielsen

Umair Akeel
Chief Technology Officer, Bessemer Venture Partners

Steve Ardire
Advisor to software startups

Mark Bünger

Mark Bünger
VP of Research, LUX Research

Boyd Davis
CEO & Co-Founder, Kogentix

Neil Eklund
Chief Data Scientist, Schlumberger

Anju Gupta
Director, Digital Partnerships & Outreach, Monsanto

Dan Kara
Research Director, AI and Robotics, ABI Research

Tolga Kurtoglu

Tolga Kurtoglu

Danny Lange

Danny Lange
VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity

David Linthicum
Sr. Vice President, Cloud Technology Partners

Dr. William Mark
President, Informaion & Computing Sciences, SRI

Jim McHugh
VP and General Manager, NVIDIA

Dave Schubmehl
Research Director Cognitive/AI Systems, IDC

Kumar Srivastava
VP, Product & Strategy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, BNY


Virginie Vast
Head of Cognitive Procurement and Digital Sourcing, VodaFone Procurement

Eliot Weinman
CEO, Trends Equity &
Founder, AI World