Day 1 | Wednesday, October 23

MORNING | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


AI World Executive Summit

Hosted by: Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Government and Health Insights, IDC and AI World, Conference Co-Chair

Is your business ready to harness AI and intelligent technologies? A study of 3,000 business executives from large enterprises globally indicated that 85% of these organizations view the deployment of AI as strategically imperative, however less than 10% have seen any success to date. How will AI impact your customers, partners, and employees? These big questions and many more are on the minds of business leaders, CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, and CIOs. The AI World Executive Summit provides business executives with a strategic look at the state of the practice in enterprise AI across multiple vertical industries.

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AFTERNOON | 1:15 pm – 4:10 pm


Waterfront 2 

SEMINAR 1: AI in Customer Analytics

Hosted by: Pawel Osterreicher, Director of Strategy & Business Development, 

Industry analyst firm Gartner says, “By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human.” Delivering a cohesive customer experience (CX) across all enterprise touchpoints requires finding patterns across a myriad of data points. AI and machine learning present an opportunity to evolve many siloed, multi-channel organizations into proactive customer champions. An AI-enabled customer journey starts with developing the right processes and expertise for collecting data.

  • Where to find customer data within the organization
  • How to reduce or eliminate human bias and error in customer engagements
  • Identify key touchpoints to analyze in the customer journey

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Cityview 2

SEMINAR 2: AI in Personalized Medicine

AI aims to move medical treatment away from general, one-size-fits-all options to more personalized solutions. Learn more about the incredible amounts of information generated through precision medicine, and the critical capabilities needed to analyze, store, normalize and trace that data. This seminar is tailored towards those working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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Beacon Hill 

SEMINAR 3: AI & Cybersecurity

Hosted by: Bob Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO, OODA LLC

AI is being used today to improve the ability of organizations to defend themselves. It is also being used by adversaries seeking advantage. The age-old game of attack vs defense continues. But something is different now. Organizations are finding that their AI solutions need special protections. AI needs to be developed in the most secure manner possible. Adversaries who can access training data can manipulate it to drive outcomes of machine learning. Algorithms themselves must also be protected. Many AI solutions have been shown to be biased and/or bigoted. And in some cases, the solutions will generate results that are unexplainable, making security and compliance even more complicated.

  • Benefits of performing a critical infrastructure security risk assessment
  • Best practices for implementing automation in enterprise cybersecurity programs
  • Getting executive buy-in for cyber spending utilizing AI and machine learning

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Cityview 1

SEMINAR 4: AI for Business Leaders: Realizing the Promise of AI

Hosted by: Ronald Schmelzer, Managing Partner, Principal Analyst, Cognilytica

Kathleen Walch, Managing Partner, Principal Analyst, Cognilytica 

Staying competitive in the rapidly accelerating business world requires executives and companies to move towards digital transformation. Simply automating manual processes or using machines to shuffle documents around hasn’t really changed anything.  AI and Machine learning, powered by big data, advancements in computing, and the development of deep learning algorithms promise to change all of that and break the digital transformation logjam.  This enables companies to gain intelligence from their information, augment operations with intelligent systems, and provide deep prediction, pattern, anomaly, recognition, goal-seeking, and personalization capabilities that have previously been unattainable.  

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Waterfront 1

SEMINAR 5: Making AI Trustworthy

Hosted by: Pin-Yu Chen, PhD, Chief Scientist, RPI-IBM AI Research Center, Research Staff Member, Trusted AI Group, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Decision making in high-stakes applications, is increasingly supported by AI models and there is a need to make them fair, robust and trustworthy. In this seminar we will explore topics like; How fair are these models? Are the model decisions understandable and explainable? Can we build safeguards that prevent abuse and malicious behavior of AI models? And finally, how to build transparent reporting mechanisms on how AI models operate.

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AFTERNOON | 4:20 pm


4:20 Plenary Keynote Panel: Learning from XPRIZE Startups to Achieve Successful AI Innovation

Krotman_DevinModerator: Devin Krotman, Director, Global Learning XPRIZE, XPRIZE Foundation


Miltsakaki_EleniEleni Miltsakaki, PhD, Founder and CEO, Choosito 

Gordon_EllieEllie Gordon, Founder, CEO, Behaivior AI

Fortin_DanielDaniel Fortin, President, AITera Inc.