AI Strategy & Technology Solutions Theater

These sessions on Tuesday, Dec 12 are included in your Expo Pass.

1:30pm Use Cases for AI and High Performance Computing

Moderator: Clint Wheelock, Managing Director, Tractica


– Aditya Kaul, Research Director, Tractica

– Dr. Rangan Sukumar, Senior Data Analytics Architect, Cray

– Jimmy D. Pike, Vice President and DellEMC Fellow, Senior System Architect, Office of the CTO, Dell ISG

The rapid emergence and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques like machine and deep learning are a wakeup call: AI will transform the technology landscape and touch almost every industry over the next 10 years, according to Tractica’s analysis. No domain of computing will escape the transformation, including high-performance computing (HPC). This session provides a timely deep dive into some of the real-world applications that are likely to benefit from this transformation.

Use cases highlighting how AI will augment supercomputing workloads include:
  • Weather and Climate Modeling
  • Precision Medicine for Cancer
  • Fraud Detection
  • Real-time Threat Analysis
Additional highlights:
  • The diversity of applications and industries that are using AI with HPC.
  • The unique characteristics of each use case in terms of the type and scale of data workloads.

2:20pm How Mobile Operators Can Enhance Their Business Model Using AI

Moderator: Dean Bubley, Managing Director, Disruptive Analysis


– Krishna Nimmagadda, President and a co-founder, Kogentix

– Wael William Diab, IIC Chair of the Technology Working Group, IIC Steering Committee Member and Senior Director at Huawei

During this session, Caroline Gabriel, a veteran telecommunications research executive who has followed the telecom industry for 30+ years, will share some new and original research on mobile operators and will discuss how they plan to use AI and machine learning to enhance their business models. The report focuses on investment plans, applications, timescales and expected impact on their business in the period to 2025.

The session will cover four main categories of AI usage among mobile operators:
  • Network optimization and automation
  • Big data analytics to support personalized services for consumers, and B2B services for advertisers and vertical industries
  • Customer applications such as personal digital assistants or preventative maintenance
  • Enhanced customer relationship management e.g. customer service chatbots
The session will examine each of these four categories including:
  • Early trials and deployments and their commercial potential
  • Enabling technologies, and timescales to be commercially viable
  • Operators’ drivers and barriers to adopting AI
  • The role of AI in the 5G era of networks and service models
The main discussion points include:
  • How AI may improve the mobile operator’s role in the IoT value chain
  • Will AI enable new service providers rather than helping old ones?
  • How close are we to the fully ‘self-driving telco’s, and how will that affect mobile network economics?

3:10pm Panel: AI Technology Solutions in Fintech

Moderator: Denise Valentine, Senior Analyst, AITE Group


– Chris Belthoff, Director of Product Management, Financial Services, CognitiveScale

– Dr. Don Perugini, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Presagen

– Dr Catriona Wallace, CEO & Founder, Flamingo AI

AI has already begun making significant inroads into the many fintech sectors like banking, insurance, investment management, etc. Research shows that most banks will be using intelligent assistants and bots to handle a significant amount of customer service inquiries. For example, a recent survey conducted by Personetics shows that over three-quarters of financial institutions view chatbots as a viable commercial solution now or within the next 1-2 years. Fintech firms already have vast volumes of data, and are generating more each day. Today, technologies like specialized hardware, data analytics, machine learning and deep learning are already being used to either augment human tasks or beginning to replace them.

Attend this special event and hear from some of the leading AI firms that have deep experience and AI solutions in the financial services industry.

4:10pm Panel: Robotic Process Automation

Moderator: Judith Hurwitz, President, Hurwitz and Associates


– Francis Carden, VP, Robotics and Transformation, Pegasystems Inc.

– Boris Krumrey, Chief Robotics Officer, UiPath

– Mikhail Abramchyk, SVP Products, WorkFusion

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging technology designed to automate manual processes through the creation of software robots to replace or supplement employees. Some vendors are employing AI to improve the accuracy of results. RPA enables the bots to capture, interpret, and execute processes such as invoicing data, customer and employee onboarding, or triggering an automated response. The benefits of RPA tools allow a business to cut costs, improve accuracy, and speed the process of linking enterprise software applications.

This session will be moderated by Judith Hurwitz, CEO, Hurwitz & Associates, a strategic consulting and analyst firm, and will include several RPA software providers who will discuss their specific software implementation and solutions.

5:00pm Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall thru 6:30pm