Special Events Overview

Tues-Wed, December 4-5, 2018


AI Technology Solutions Theater

Location: Exhibit Hall

Hear from leading companies on machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision applications. Attend sessions specifically designed to optimize your existing business processes and address the need to scale automation and analytics across the enterprise organization.

Participants include Accenture, ClearPath Robotics, Dataiku, DataRobot, DDN Storage, Dell, Expert System, HPE, Nuance Communications, Splunk UiPath WorkFusion and others.   Read More


AI Startup Pavilion

Host: Steve Ardire, AI Startup Advisor & ‘Merchant of Light’
Location: Exhibit Hall

AI technology and automation solutions are not the exclusive domain of large vendors and suppliers. See live demonstrations and meet new entrants developing products, services, processes and platforms to address growing enterprise market needs.  Read More


Building Intelligent Assistants & Chatbots

Host: William Meisel, PhD, CEO, TMA Associates
Location: Beacon Complex

Speech recognition and natural language processing technology allows interacting with digital systems using human language in text or speech. A company can use the technology to improve customer service, not only in the call center, but through chatbots on web sites, apps on mobile phones, messaging services, home speakers, through the major personal assistants, and more. Read More


AI Startup Awards

Celebrate the innovation occurring across the AI ecosystem. Join the AI Startup Awards judges on Wednesday at Noon for the awards ceremony highlighting the best and brightest entrepreneurial AI ventures.


XPRIZE Innovation Program

Attend AI World and hear from some of the best and brightest XPRIZE innovators. XPRIZE helps the global crowd, be they experts or laypeople, old or young, to create the breakthroughs that pull the future forward. XPRIZE creates incentive competitions to entice the crowd to take action and bring us closer to a world of Abundance. The solutions to the world’s problems won’t come from one person or one country or one industry. We will only reach these solutions if everyone can make their voices heard. Read More


AI in Canada

The race for nations to become a global leader in AI has begun. Canada was the first country to release a national AI strategy, and now Canada has become a hotbed of AI activity. Modern day machine learning was developed at the University of Toronto. Canada has funded and forged strategic relationships in four major regions between their leading AI research universities, startup incubators and new AI institutes. Hear from some of these leaders and startups, and learn first-hand how your can take advantage of all that Canada's AI initiatives have to offer. Read More


SEMINAR: Building AI-powered Natural Language Solutions

Host: William Meisel, PhD, CEO, TMA Associates

Location: Beacon Complex

Computers dealing with human language are one of the major breakthroughs in AI. With similar advances in speech recognition, natural language processing technology can accept either voice or text input. The result is understanding. Read More


SEMINAR State of the Technology: Making Robots Intelligent, Cognitive and Aware

Host: The Robot Report
Location: Cambridge Complex

At the intersection of robotics and cognitive science, cognitive robotics is about doing robotics that deals with cognitive phenomena such as perception, attention, anticipation, planning, memory, learning, and reasoning. Hear how AI is influencing this emerging category and driving innovation in the enterprise. Read more.


Enterprise AI Strategies Theater

Gain insight into the latest AI and automation trends impacting corporations, including mitigating data bias, succeeding with AI system integrators, use cases for AI and high-performance computing, and adding intelligence through robotic process automation (RPA). Additional sessions on successful and emerging AI market verticals include Financial Services, Legal, and Government. Read More


Panel: Future of Work: Will Robots Replace Humans or Create New Job Types?

Women in Technology International Boston is hosting their December 2018 meeting at AI World. Imagine a world where artificial intelligence-assisted healthcare professionals will be able to diagnose, prescribe and treat humans and animals. Robotic assistants will help the elderly or disabled, cost efficiently. Robots with human attributes will follow voice commands. Trainable robots will be the norm and collaborative robots or co-bots will make people work more effectively and efficiently. In reality, this will be our world in the very near future. As chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov says – we should be thinking of intelligent machines as augmented intelligence vs artificial intelligence.  Read More


Panel: Defining the Future of Jobs in the Midst of AI Revolution

As AI is disrupting every aspect of our lives, ever wonder how is it impacting our future of jobs and work and how businesses are preparing themselves to take advantage of this new trend. Boston's finest startups disrupting and defining the future of jobs/work landscape will come together and sit on a panel to discuss. This is a must attend conversation about the future of jobs in the midst of AI revolution. Future of work is changing rapidly and success criteria is also getting redefined. Come and join one of the most important conversation of our professional lives. This session would be a glimpse into what is happening in work space, how our jobs would transform in the future and how we could change to cope up. There would be insights on how to best navigate our trajectory so we are always relevant and have access to relevant resources in this disrupting future. Read More